National Crochet Month Challenge 2022

Participating in the National Crochet Month Challenge 2022

Hi guys! March is National Crochet Month. Each year, crocheters can participate in a monthly challenge, sharing one picture and a short caption that relates to the topic for the day. These challenges usually take place on Instagram, but I thought it would be fun to host this challenge in the TPC – Crochet Community Facebook group. This challenge is a great way to get to know other crocheters, and have fun sharing projects and thoughts. I found a few challenges from previous years, and created a mish-mash challenge that I hope is inclusive for everyone! You can find the topics for each day in the picture above.

About the TPC – Crochet Community Facebook Group:

Crochet can be an isolating craft if you do it alone, or lack support from loved ones. To combat this isolation, I decided to make a Facebook Group (TPC – Crochet Community), so that members can ask questions, find inspiration, receive encouragement, and make friends. So far we have a group of 52 members, which is amazing. Our members are fairly active and engaged, so I hope this continues in the future. My plan is to host a new and OPTIONAL challenge each month, so that the group feels like a crochet-along. If this sounds like fun to you, come join us! Crocheters of all levels are welcome.

National Crochet Month Challenge Rules:

For the National Crochet Month Challenge, we have a few rules to follow:

  1. Everyone is welcome to participate!
  2. It’s okay to miss days and post sporadically.
  3. Be kind when responding to other’s posts.
  4. Post a picture and a caption (short or long) that relates to the topic for the day.
  5. Have fun!

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Day 1: Meet the Maker

Hi everyone! I’m Dayna, and here is a little about me:

  • 1. I’m 27, but sometimes get confused for a 12 year old haha.
  • I’m Canadian, but live with my husband Logan in Michigan, US.
  • I’ve been crocheting for 7 years, and I’m still learning new things everyday. I feel like you can never fully master crochet.
  • Currently obsessed with the moss stitch.
  • I do my best thinking in the shower or while I’m driving – basically anytime that I don’t have a notebook handy haha.
  • I’m a sucker for romance movies, reality TV shows, and true crime documentaries.
  • I love being cozy, so I prefer comfort over style.
  • Blankets are my favourite thing to make – I love when they get long enough to cover you.

Do we have anything in common? Tell me a bit about you.

Day 1 of National Crochet Month Challenge 2022 Meet the Maker

Day 2: WIP (Work in Progress)

For Day 2 of the National Crochet Month Challenge, here is a blanket that I am making for nephew. He was born on March 5, 2022, and we are going to meet him on March 25th. I’m hoping I have enough time to finish it for him!

What is your current WIP?

Day 2 National Crochet Month Challenge: WIP

Day 3: What is Your Favourite Stitch?

For me, it’s a tie between the moss stitch and the half double crochet stitch. The moss stitch and the half double crochet are my comfort stitches, so I come back to them when I need to unwind or work on a mindless project. When I first learned to crochet, I hated the half double crochet because I couldn’t figure out how to do it. Now, I think it’s relaxing.

What is your favourite stitch?

Colorful Crochet Moss Stitch National Crochet Month Challenge

Day 4: Something I’d Like to Try

I’ve never participated in a CAL (Crochet Along) before, so this is something I want to try. I just started Week 1 of the VVCAL 2022 by Cypress Textiles. The CAL is a hexagon blanket made up of 36 different hexi patterns, so I’m looking forward to reading patterns and learning some new stitches.

What is something you would like to try?

Something I Want to Try National Crochet Month Challenge
Photo Credit: Rachele from @Cypresstextiles

Day 5: Being Silly

When my husband and I first started dating, I decided to make him a scarf. He’s not a fan of any winter attire (hats, gloves, scarves, coats, etc.), but I thought it was a great idea to make him one anyway. He’s pretty tall, so I made it extra long. 300+ chains later, this scarf ended up being 125″ or 10.5 feet long. It was way too big. So big that you could easily wrap it 3 or 4 times around yourself, and still have a ton leftover. This is a picture (or two) of me modelling it.

What is one of your silliest crochet moments?

Day 6: Full of Colour!

When I first learned to crochet, all I wanted to make was blankets. Not much has changed because I still love making blankets. This C2C (Corner-to-Corner) Blanket is the second blanket I made. At the time, I didn’t know what kind of yarn to buy from the craft store, so I picked colours that I thought were pretty (solid, variegated, self-striping) and went with it. The blanket is a bit of a mess, and some of the colours don’t go together, but love it. I call it the blanket of many colours.

What is one of your most colourful creations?

Crochet C2C Scrap Blanket National Crochet Month Challenge

Day 7: Let’s See Your Yarn Stash!

I am a crocheter who purchases more yarn than they need. Most of my stash is made up of partially used skeins, or bits/pieces that I don’t have the heart to throw out because I think I can make something with it. I’ve had 3 purging sessions in the past two years, but this is what’s left. I’m slowly working my through it, and (slowly) accumulating more when I need it.

In the pictures, you’ll find yarn in:

  • The large 7 drawer dresser (only 2 of these drawers)
  • The 3 drawer wooden dresser (not pictured)
  • The clear and purple 3 drawer plastic storage unit
  • Behind the door on the wire shelf
  • In the book shelf (for display)
  • In the closet (in fabric bins and totes)
  • Underneath the desk (in a black bin)

What does your yarn stash look like? Are you a “buy only what I need for my current project” type of crocheter, or do you buy (a little) more than you need?

Day 8: Magic Ring or Chain Circle?

OOOO guys, Day 8 of the National Crochet Month Challenge is controversial. Which do you prefer: the Magic Ring (a.k.a. Magic Circle) or the Chain Circle? This is a widely debated topic in the crochet community.

I don’t mind the chain circle, but if I had a choice, it would be the Magic Ring. I love that you can complete close the circle, so there is no hole. The only downside to using the magic ring is that it can unravel. To prevent this, make a couple of knots when weaving in the yarn tail, and it should hold up well.

Magic Ring vs. Chain Circle National Crochet Month Challenge

Day 9: How I Learned to Crochet / My Crochet Story

I was in my 4th year of university when I tried and failed to learn to crochet. My roommate (and friend) had started crocheting, and she was making all of these beautiful scarves, so I wanted to learn too. I watched Simply Daisy and The Crochet Crowd Youtube tutorials, and after several failed attempts, I finally got it.

This is my first big project – 9 granny squares joined together to make a blanket. My mom offered to help me, and we crocheted it together. I didn’t even know that she knew how to crochet. She had learned to crochet and knit 30+ years ago, but life got busy, so she stopped. I loved being able to work on this with her.

How did you learn to crochet / what is your crochet story?

9 Granny Square Crochet Blanket with Scrap yarn

Day 10: Throwback Thursday

I feel like I’ve shared a lot of “Throwback” pictures in the challenge so far, but here is another one. This is the Chevron with a Twist Blanket that I made a couple of years ago. My husband (Logan) was kind enough to model it for me. He was a real sport about wrapping a wool blanket around himself in the 90 degree summer heat.

What is your throwback project? You can share a project from 10 years ago, or one that you finished yesterday. As long as it’s in the past, I think it still counts as a throwback.

Chevron with a Twist Crochet Blanket Pattern

Day 11: Texture

We often associate texture with stitches that pop out, like bobbles, popcorn, puff, or post stitches. However, basic stitches (or stitches that lie flat) can make texture that is just as beautiful.

This is the Jazz it Up Afghan – a blanket made entirely of half double crochets, before surface slip stitches and a loop stitch border is added. It’s a fun mixture of simple and in-your-face texture.

What is some texture that you are loving right now?

Free Crochet Textured Stripe Blanket Pattern

Day 12: What is Your Favourite Yarn (or 2)?

This is a tough question because there are so many great yarns. My all-time favourite is Bernat Premium in the colour Parchment. I love the colour, the thickness, and the price (very easy on the budget).

A new-to-me yarn that has made it to my favourite list, is Lion Brand Skein Tones. I love the warm shades, and the fact that it’s an anti-pilling yarn.

What is your favourite yarn?

Lion Brand Skein Tones Yarn in a Basket

Day 13: Something (Insert Colour Here)

Happy Sunday AND Daylight Savings Time! We lost an hour today, so the day is zipping by. I hope it’s an easy switch this time, and doesn’t mess up your sleep or schedule.

For my Day 13, I chose “Something (Green)”, but you can fill in the blank with any colour. This colour is called “Green Apple”, and it reminds me of a 70’s style/puke green. It’s not for everyone, but I love it so much hahaha. What do you think?

Long Double Crochet Green Pillow Pattern

Day 14: Crocheters I Love

Today, I’d like to feature Tonya from Nana’s Crafty Home. She’s creative, kind, and always willing to help others. Her blog is focused on crochet garments, accessories, blankets, pillows, and items for the home. This is her Marjorie Modern Crochet Blanket Pattern.

Other Crocheters I Love (there are so many, but here are a few):

1. Toni from TL Yarn Crafts
2. Tiffany and Hannah from Daisy Farm Crafts
3. Johanna from Mijo Crochet
4. Alexandra from Two of Wands
5. Vincent from Knot Bad
6. Tanya from The Cozy Knot
7. April from Northern Maple Yarn Designs
8. Katerina from ByKaterina Designs
9. Amanda from Love & Stitch
10. Raffaella from Raffamusa Designs
11. Talia from Talia’s Crochet Creations
12. Helen Shrimpton from Crystals and Crochet

What are some of your favourite crocheters/makers? ❤

Marjorie Blanket Pattern by Nana's Crafty Home

Stay tuned for more National Crochet Month Challenge posts. I share a new picture and caption every day. If you’d like to participate in the challenge, join our crochet group, and start sharing!

This wraps up Day 60 of the 365 Day Challenge. Thank you so much for reading and following along with me. Have a wonderful day, and happy crocheting!

Read and explore more topics in the 365 Day Blog Post Challenge here.

Love, Dayna

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