10 Last Minute Crochet Gift Ideas Free Crochet Pattern Round Up

10 Quick Crochet Gift Ideas – Free Pattern Round-Up

Hi guys! Christmas is only a few days away, so if you put off making Christmas gifts until the last minute (me!), don’t panic. I’ve compiled a list of 10 quick crochet gift ideas – all of which are free crochet patterns on the blog – that make great last minute gifts, so you don’t have to frantically search Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram for inspiration. Let’s dive in because we don’t have any time to waste!

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1. Reusable Cotton Face Pads – Pattern & Video Tutorial

These reusable cotton face pads make great gifts, and work up in under 10 minutes (including the time it takes to weave in your ends). Cotton face pads are great for washing your face or removing make-up. When they need a clean, simply throw them in the washing machine with your towels and sheets, and they’re good as new. These face pads use Bernat Home Dec yarn, but any t-shirt yarn, or medium 4 worsted weight cotton yarn (double stranded) can be used as a substitute. You can crochet a set of 5 or 10 for your family and friends, and pair it with some soap, or face wash.

2. Beginner-Friendly Macrame Wall Hanging – Pattern

This beginner friendly macramé wall hanging is a great budget-friendly gift that you can create in a couple of hours! I knew nothing about macramé when I made this, so it’s a perfect project for absolute beginners, with lots of pictures to help you along the way. Macramé wall hangings are very trendy right now because they add texture, colour, and visual interest to any space; they also give off a bohemian/60’s-70’s vibe, which many people love. For this wall hanging, you will need an embroidery hoop, scrap yarn, and a pair of scissors.

3. The Willow Wall Hanging – Pattern

The Willow Wall Hanging is another great budget-friendly gift that takes a few hours to make. Part of it’s charm is that it looks like a complex design that takes days to make; however, it’s easier to make than it looks, and it works up quickly once you get the pattern repeats. For this project you will need one skein (approximately 300 yards) of any thick medium 4 worsted weight yarn, and a 16″ dowel. This is a great gift for teens or adults who love bohemian style decor!

Retro Velvet Circular Pillow

Next up is the Retro Velvet Circular Pillow. It’s one of the easiest pillows to make because it uses the double crochet stitch to make 2 crochet circles that are seamed together. Instructions and pictures are included to help you customize the size of your crochet circles to fit any sized circular pillow form. If you don’t have a circular pillow form handy, and it’s too late to order one from Amazon, you can fill it with Polyfill stuffing instead. One skein of Bernat Velvet Yarn can make 2 of these pillows (2!), but any bulky weight 5 yarn can be used as a substitute. It would make a great gift for teens or adults who love decorating their home with pillows; but who wouldn’t love to rest their head on a cozy pillow?

Free Pattern: Retro Velvet Circular Pillow

The Simple Texture Removable Pillow Cover

Speaking of pillows, here is the Simple Texture Crochet Pillow. This pillow cover is designed to be removable for washing (perfect for people with pets or kids), and works up quickly with a large crochet hook (9.0mm) and super bulky weight 6 yarn. This pattern calls for Lion Brand Woolease Thick and Quick yarn, but any super bulky weight yarn will do the trick. I love this pillow pattern because it works up in a couple of hours, and uses the meditative single crochet stitch. This pillow would make a great gift for the cozy-lovers on your list – meaning those who love being comfy!

Free Pattern: The Simple Texture Pillow

Witching Hour Triangle Scarf/Shawl

The Witching Hour Triangle Scarf/Shawl is another great gift for anyone on your list because it goes with everything! This pattern calls for an 8.0mm crochet hook, and any medium 4 worsted weight yarn. With the simple stitch repeat pattern, you can make this shawl as large as you’d like. I made this triangle scarf in a few hours, and it’s one of my favourite accessories to grab before heading out the door!

Free Pattern: The Witching Hour Triangle Scarf/Shawl

Touch of Fall Scarf

The Touch of Fall Scarf is another quick project that works up in a few hours. It uses I Love this Yarn’s beautiful self-striping yarn to draw attention to the simple stitches. For this pattern, you’ll need a 6.0mm crochet hook, and any medium 4 worsted weight yarn. Even though I used a self-striping yarn for this scarf, I think it would look just as beautiful in a solid colour. This scarf would make a great gift for scarf lovers, or anyone that loves staying warm in the colder months!

Free Pattern: Touch of Fall Scarf

Knit-Like Cowl & Infinity Scarf

The knit-like Cowl and Infinity Scarf works up in a couple of hours, and uses simple stitches to create a knit-like appearance. I designed this pattern for all of the crocheters who love the look of knitted garments and accessories. You can get as creative as you want with your colour choice because the simple stitches won’t detract from the beauty of the yarn. This pattern includes instructions to make either the cowl or the infinity scarf (the cowl uses 1 skein of yarn, while the infinity scarf uses 2 skeins), so you can choose your preference. There are also instructions to customize the size of your cowl/infinity scarf, if you’d like to make it taller. This would be a great gift for anyone on your list because it’s cozy and fashionable.

Free Pattern: The Knit-Like Cowl & Infinity Scarf

Cloud 9 Ear Warmer & Infinity Scarf

Next, we have the Cloud 9 Ear Warmer and Infinity Scarf. You can make one of the two, or crochet both as a set for someone special. The Cloud 9 Ear Warmer uses 1 skein of any medium 4 worsted weight yarn, and works up in an hour and a half. It uses a 6.0mm crochet hook and a simple stitch with a twist in the center to create a pretty accessory.

The Cloud 9 Infinity Scarf uses 2 strands of Lion Brand Mandala Yarn held together to create this pretty rainbow infinity scarf; however, you can use any medium 4 worsted weight yarn (single stranded) as a substitute. This pattern uses an 8.0mm crochet and a simple stitch repeat that works up in a few hours. It is designed to wrap around your head 2 – 3 times with ease.

Free Pattern: The Cloud 9 Ear Warmer
Free Pattern: The Cloud 9 Infinity Scarf

Snow Queen Scarf & Mittens Set

Next up is the Snow Queen Scarf & Mittens Set. This set makes a great budget-friendly gift for anyone on your list. The scarf and mittens are soft and fuzzy, without being heavy. The Snow Queen Scarf can be made with one cake of Caron Latte Cake Yarn. However the mittens use less than one cake, so you might have enough yarn leftover to make a matching headband! Even though this pattern uses Caron Latte Cakes, you can use any thick medium 4 worsted weight yarn as a substitute!

Free Pattern: Snow Queen Scarf
Free Pattern: Snow Queen Mittens

The Coziness is a Mood Throw

Last, but not least, is the Coziness is a Mood Throw. Who doesn’t love a handmade cozy blanket? Especially one made by you! I’m sure that you don’t immediately think of “blankets” when you are trying to find a last minute gift, but if any blanket was a quick make, this would be it. The Coziness is a Mood Throw uses bulky weight 5 yarn, a 9.0mm crochet hook, and two simple stitches. I estimate that this blanket will take you 2 – 3 days (at the most) to complete, if you work on it diligently. If you don’t have any bulky weight 5 yarn on hand, you can use 2 strands of any medium 4 yarn held together!

Free Pattern: Coziness is a Mood Throw

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10 Last Minute Crochet Gift Ideas Free Crochet Pattern Round Up

Thank you guys so much for following along! I hope you found a last minute gift to make within this free pattern round-up. I’m wishing you a very Merry Christmas, and speedy fingers to make everything on your to-make list this year. Enjoy your holiday, and remember to take some time for yourself. I hope you get a chance to relax with your hook and yarn, once the Christmas craze is over!

Love, Dayna

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    Merry Christmas to you and your family too!!! I look forward to the coming year and whatever else you have up your creative sleeve. Thank you!!!

    1. Aww thank you Andrea! You’re so sweet. I’m glad you’re excited for next year because I have a few projects that I’ve been waiting to share. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! 🙂


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