Crochet Puff Stitch Infinity Scarf

How to Crochet the Cloud 9 Infinity Scarf

Hi guys! I’ve been wanting to share this pattern with you for a long time (well over a year), but self-doubt tends to stand in my way. I was worried that this pattern was too basic and simple, but that’s part of its charm. The Cloud 9 Infinity Scarf uses the puff stitch and self-striping yarn to create a cozy scarf in a matter of hours. This infinity scarf is worked as a one-row repeat, so it’s a great scarf for beginner crocheters that are looking for an easy project, or advanced crocheters who want a relaxing make. For this design, I used 2-strands of Lion Brand Mandala yarn held together, and a large crochet hook to create large puff stitches and added warmth. I really hope you enjoy making this crochet infinity scarf! Let’s dive into the tutorial. You can find the free pattern below.

Crochet Rainbow Infinity Scarf Pattern
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About this Crochet Infinity Scarf:

  • This scarf is crocheted with 2 strands of yarn held together.
  • The pattern calls for 1000 yards of any weight 3 DK yarn.
  • The scarf is worked flat and seamed together at the end.

Yarn Choice

I originally designed this scarf using Lion Brand Mandala Yarn in the colour Warlock. If you’ve never used this yarn before, it’s a weight 3 DK yarn that changes colour as you crochet. Warlock is a muted and mature colorway that features yellow, green, blue, purple, red, and beige; it’s really pretty and pairs well with any neutral coloured attire. When I first made this scarf, I sold it on Etsy, and forgot to write the pattern down. I had no measurements to go from, so I had to recreate it.

Lion Brand Mandala Yarn in Wizard

Yesterday, I went to the store intending to purchase 2 Mandala cakes in Warlock, but my eyes were drawn to the Wizard cakes. Wizard is definitely not a muted colorway. It features all the colours of the rainbow in their bright and vibrant glory. If you are someone who loves colour, the Wizard colourway is made for you. I loved watching the yarn change colour as I worked my puff stitch rows. And as much as it sucks to have to re-do an entire project, I had so much fun remaking this crochet infinity scarf. It’s the perfect project to work on while you watch your favourite show or listen to a podcast.

Yarn Alternatives

For this design I chose to use 2 strands of Lion Brand Mandala cakes held together as I crocheted. This yarn is a weight 3 DK yarn, but when 2 strands together are held together, it creates a Medium 4 Worsted weight yarn.
If you have a different yarn in mind for this project, here are some alternative yarn options for you:

  • Option #1: You can use ANY weight 3 DK yarn, as long as you crochet with 2 strands. For this option, you will need approximately 1000 yds of yarn.
  • Option #2: You can use ANY medium 4 worsted weight yarn, and crochet single stranded. For this option, you will need approximately 500 yds of yarn.

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The Cloud 9 Infinity Scarf Pinterest Pin

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You can purchase an INEXPENSIVE Ad-Free Printable PDF of this pattern on Ravelry HERE! This 8 page PDF includes the complete pattern, photo tutorials, and step-by-step pictures, so you can follow along on paper, highlight and make notes.

A Headband to Match Your Crochet Infinity Scarf: The Cloud 9 Ear Warmer

If you love this infinity scarf and want to make a headband to match, try the Cloud 9 Ear Warmer. It uses the same puff stitch pattern – with a twist in the center – but uses a smaller crochet hook to create tighter stitches.

The Cloud 9 Crochet Ear Warmer Styled 3 Ways


  • Ch – chain
  • Sk – skip
  • Sp(s) – space(s)
  • Ps- Puff Stitch

Gauge: Approximately 6 Ps x 5 rows in 4″ x 4″

Pattern Measurements:

Before the scarf is seamed together, it measures approximately 8.25″ x 65″, when laid flat.

Customizing the Size of your Crochet Infinity Scarf:

Width: The initial chain determines the width of your scarf. The original pattern calls for chaining 26 for a total width of 8.25″, but to customize the width of the scarf, chain an even number until satisfied with the width.

Length: To make the scarf longer or shorter, repeat Row 3, until satisfied with the length of the scarf. Then proceed to the seaming instructions.

Cloud 9 Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern for Beginners

Other Crochet Patterns You’ll Love:

Puff Stitch Tutorial:

I’ve included a photo tutorial below, to guide you through the steps of making a puff stitch. However, if you prefer to learn through video, here is a link to an excellent tutorial by ExpressionsFiberArts.

  • 1. YO, and insert hook into the stitch.
Puff Stitch Photo Tutorial
  • 2. YO and draw up a loop – there should be 3 loops on the hook.
Puff Stitch Photo Tutorial 2
  • 3. Repeat Step 2, two more times – there should be 7 loops on the hook.
Puff Stitch Photo Tutorial 3
  • 4. YO and pull through the first 6 loops on the hook – there should be 2 loops remaining on the hook.
Puff Stitch Photo Tutorial 4
  • 5. YO and pull through the last 2 loops to close the stitch.
Puff Stitch Photo Tutorial 5

Lining up the Yarn Cake Colours Tutorial:

Self-striping yarn cakes are amazing because they change colour on their own as you crochet. The only downside to yarn cakes is that the order of the colors vary in each cake. Since we are crocheting with 2 strands of yarn held together, it’s important that the colours line up.

Option #1: The Yarn Cakes Have the Same Colour Order

Simply pick a strand from each cake, put them together, and start crocheting. You do not need to reorder the colours because they are already in the proper order. However, there might be a slight overlap between the colour block sections, like in the picture to the left – the purple and blue sections overlap slightly. 

Crocheting with two strands of Yarn

Option #2: The Yarn Cakes are Out of Order

If your yarn cakes colours are out of order (like in the picture below), then you need to manually reorder your colours by rolling them into balls.

Reorder your Colours:

  • I started by unravelling my 1st cake (left side) and making my own ball of yarn.
  • I started on the outside of the cake (orange), and continued rolling until the navy blue section ended and the yellow section began. This ball had orange, pink, purple and navy in it.
  • Then, I pulled the navy blue section out of the center of the 2nd cake (right side) until I found the end. I put the navy blue ends together and started crocheting. I crocheted until I got to the end of the orange section.
  • As you can see in the picture, I rolled the cakes into two balls of yarn starting with the light blue section, and ending with the yellow section.
  • I used a strand from each ball and crocheted from yellow, to green, to light blue.



  1. After Row 1, the last Ps of each row is worked into the space between the Ps and the beginning ch 3 of the previous row.
  2. Crochet with 2 strands of yarn held together. If the colours in your yarn cakes don’t line up perfectly, reference the tutorial on pg. 3 – 4, to see how to reorder your colours.

With 2 strands held together, ch 26 (or see note on customizing width above)

Crocheting with 2 Strands of Yarn

Row 1: Ps in fourth ch from hook (this counts as a Ch 3 and Ps), [ch 1, sk 1 ch, Ps in next ch] 11 times. Turn. <12 Ps>

Row 2: Ch 3, Ps in first ch-1 sp, [ch 1, Ps in next ch-1 sp] 11 times. Turn. <12 Ps>

Rows 3 – 80: Repeat Row 2.

Three Rows of Puff Stitches Crochet

Fasten off. Leave a long tail (approx. 15”) to sew the ends of the scarf together. Weave in all ends, except the long tail.

Creating an Infinity Scarf:

To turn this scarf into an infinity scarf, we will be sewing the ends of the scarf together to make a large loop. To sew the ends together, we will be using a technique called the whip stitch. If you are unfamiliar with this stitch, there is a great tutorial by Wool and the Gang to help you here.

Line up the edges of the scarf, making sure that it is not twisted.

Line Up the Ends of a Crochet Scarf

Thread the long tail through your yarn needle, and begin whip stitching along the edges of the scarf to join them. You should have a total of 23 whip stitches (12 Ps and 11 ch-1 sps). And you’re done!

End Notes:

Congratulations! You just made your first Cloud 9 Infinity Scarf. I hope you enjoyed making it as much as I did.

Check out some more fun and budget-friendly crochet patterns on the blog.

Disclaimer: You are welcome to sell items that you’ve made from this pattern; however, you are not allowed to use my pictures or sell my pattern as your own (Copyright @ ThisPixieCreates).

Thank you guys so much for following along. I can’t wait to see what your infinity scarves!

Love, Dayna
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