16 of the Best Round Crochet Pillow Patterns Round Up

16 Circular Crochet Pillow Patterns to Make Over Your Space

Hi guys! Here you’ll find a collection of beautiful and trendy circular crochet pillow patterns. Pillows are a great way to add warmth, colour, and personality to your space. Nothing makes a space more “homey” than pillows.

Traditional square and rectangular throw pillows are great, but there is something fun about a round pillow. Most of these patterns use textured crochet stitches, like the puff stitch, bobble stitch, and post stitches, while others focus on colour work. I hope you find one (or more) patterns that speak to you.

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Make Your Own Circular Pillow Insert:

Did you know that you can make your own circular pillow insert from a square or rectangle insert, instead of buying one? My friend Kay shared this hack with me, and I was mind blown.

2 Tutorials for Making your Own Pillow Insert:

While I was putting this round-up together, I came across two tutorials for transforming a square/rectangular pillow form into a round one.

  • The first is a written tutorial by Lilla Bjorn that includes step-by-step pictures. She shows you how to change a square pillow into a round insert, without using a sewing machine. She hand stitches the pillow form using the blanket stitch, to create a secure seam.
  • The second tutorial is a video tutorial by Sustain My Craft Habit. In this tutorial, she shows you how to change a rectangular pillow insert into a circular one, using a sewing machine.

1. Sand Dollar Crochet Pillow Cover by Sustain my Craft Habit – Free

Sand Dollar Crochet Circle Pillow Pattern
Photo Credit: Sustain My Craft Habit

Crochet Skill Level: Advanced Beginnner

Let’s kick things off with this beautiful inverted pillow by Sustain my Craft Habit. This pattern uses the front and back post double crochet stitch to create a ridge spiral design. The free pattern includes step-by-step pictures, and a tutorial for assembling the pillow cover.

2. Crochet Kiwi Cushion by Mandy O’Sullivan – $4.50 USD

Crochet Kiwi Circular Crochet Pillow
Photo Credit: Mandy O’Sullivan

Crochet Skill Level: Intermediate

I couldn’t resist including this cutie in the pattern round up. The Kiwi Cushion uses the bobble stitch and colour changes to create a beautiful textured Kiwi design. If you love fruit, Mandy O’Sullivan has some other fruit inspired pillows, like her Melons Pop Cushion. This pillow is sure to brighten up your home, and get your guests talking!

3. Crafty Boho Pillow by A Crafty Concept – Free

Crochet Skill Level: Beginner

This beautiful boho pillow features the bobble stitch and a pom pom border to create tons of texture. Ashley from A Crafty Concept designed this pillow using a 3.5mm crochet hook and worsted/aran weight yarn. The free pattern includes tons of step-by-step pictures to help you along the way!

Jillian from Spin a Yarn Crochet, made this pillow using Bernat Velvet yarn, which is a bulky weight 5 yarn. If you’d like to see how she altered the pattern using a thicker yarn, you can find her pattern notes here.

4. The Tegwen Pillow by Meghan Makes Do – Free

Crochet Circular Round Pillows Pattern Round Up
Photo Credit: Meghan Makes Do

Crochet Skill Level: Intermediate or Advanced Beginner

This adorable pillow by Meghan Makes Do uses a combination of the puff stitch and double crochet stitch to create a beautiful heart pattern. The pattern calls for a 6.0mm crochet hook and bulky weight yarn, to make a 20″ round pillow.

5. Spanish Mandala Pillow Pattern by Lilla Bjorn Crochet – $5.50 USD

Spanish Mandala Circle Crochet Pattern
Photo Credit: Lilla Bjorn Crochet

Crochet Skill Level: Intermediate

Lilla Bjorn always knocks it out of the park with her patterns, and this Mandala Pillow is no different. This pillow is designed to be an intermediate level crochet pattern because it uses a variety of stitches. What a great way to learn some new stitches and crochet techniques!

6. Red Heart Puff Stitch Round Pillow by Yarnspirations – Free

Round Crochet Pillow Pattern Round Up
Photo Credit: Yarnspirations

Crochet Skill Level: Intermediate

Talk about a pop of colour! This beautiful crochet cushion by Yarnspirations, uses a variety of stitches, including the puff stitch, to create a fun pattern. The free pattern is available as a PDF download on Yarnspirations.com. Choose a bold colour, or go more neutral to suit your space!

7. The Retro Velvet Pillow by This Pixie Creates – Free

Retro Velvet Crochet Pillow Pattern

Crochet Skill Level: Beginner/Easy

Whether you are new to crochet, or looking for a fun and easy project, this pillow pattern is for you. The Retro Velvet Pillow is a great beginner friendly pattern that uses the double crochet stitch, bulky weight 5 yarn, and a large crochet hook. Not only does this pillow work up quickly, but it’s a great way to add some simple texture to your space.

8. Spiral Cushon by A Boy and Bunting – Free

Crochet Circle Spiral Pillow Pattern
Photo Credit: A Boy & Bunting

Crochet Skill Level: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate

This crochet spiral cushion is full of texture and colour. Matt from A Boy and Bunting, designed this pillow pattern to be completely customizable. This means that you can use any yarn or hook size, and continue on with the pattern until you are happy with the size of your pillow. The free pattern includes step-by-step pictures and tutorials to help you along the way.

9. Mandala Cushion by Creativa Atelier – Free

Mandala Cushion by Anchor Crafts
Photo Credit: Anchor Crafts

The granny stitch, puff stitch, and Pom-Poms combine to make this cute Mandala Cushion by Anchor Crafts. This pillow is designed to fit a 16″ round pillow insert, and uses worsted weight cotton yarn in 5 colours. This would make a great stash buster pillow, where you can have fun experimenting with your colour choice. The free pattern is available as a PDF pattern download on AnchorCrafts.com.

10. Carnivale Cushion Crochet-Along Pattern by My Poppet – Free

Crochet Skill Level: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate

My Poppet and Poppy & Bliss teamed up to host the Carnivale Cushion Crochet-A-Long (CAL). If you love texture, and learning new stitches, I think you’ll really enjoy making this cushion. This 5 part pattern uses a 4.5mm crochet hook, and DK (Weight 3) yarn. There are step-by-step pictures, and stitch tutorials to help you!

11. Flower Power Pillow Pattern by This Pixie Creates – Free

Flower Power Circular Crochet Pillow by This Pixie Creates

Crochet Skill Level: Intermediate

The Flower Power Pillow is a great way to play around with stitches (including the puff stitch – my personal favourite). This pattern uses bulky weight 5 yarn and a 6.5mm crochet hook. The free pattern for these circular crochet pillow patterns includes step-by-step pictures, and a video tutorial for Rounds 6 & 7 (the trickier parts of the pattern).

12. Cozy Crochet Pillows by Joann – Free

Round Crochet Pillow Pattern Round Up
Photo Credit: Joann.com

Crochet Skill Level: Advanced Beginner

We’ve been seeing a trend with these beautiful ridge pillows. This pillow uses a 16mm (Q) crochet hook, and Super Chunky yarn to create a cozy, squishy pillow. The free pattern is available on Joann.com, and includes instructions to make this 16″ pillow cover, as well as the square and neck pillow too!

13. The Pestel Pillow by Debrosse – $5.00 USD

Debrosse Crochet Circle Pom Pom Pillow
Photo Credit: Debrosse

Crochet Skill Level: Beginner

This cozy and modern throw pillow designed by Debrosse, uses the single crochet stitch for the base, and Pom-Poms along the edge to make a statement. The PDF pattern includes step-by-step pictures and a video tutorial.

14. Rosewheel Cushion by Mobius Girl Design – $4.50

10+ Round Crochet Pillow Patterns
Photo Credit: Mobius Girl Designs

Crochet Skill Level: Advanced Beginner

I don’t know what it is, but we all seem to love front post stitches. Mobius Girl Designs created this beautiful flower design using front post stitches and worsted weight yarn. The PDF pattern includes step-by-step pictures to help get you started!

Riverdale Cushion by Ratschebutsch – $4.00 USD

Riverdale Cushion by Ratschebutsch
Photo Credit: Ratschebutsch

Crochet Skill Level: Advanced Beginner

I couldn’t resist adding in this beautiful Boho pillow by Ratschebutsch. Not only is this pillow a great way to play with colour and use up scrap yarn, it’s also fun! The pattern has been tested and edited by fellow makers within the community, so it is easy to follow.

Granny Square Cushion by Sew Happy Creative – $5.00 USD

Round Granny Square Pillow by Sew Happy Creative
Photo Credit: Sew Happy Creative

Crochet Skill Level: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate

What is a pattern round up, without a granny square pattern? This round granny square cushion by Sew Happy Creative is perfect for granny square lovers, or colour enthusiasts. The pattern includes step-by-step pictures, and is designed to help you use yarn from your stash.

Other Free Crochet Pillow Patterns You’ll Love:

I hope you enjoyed this round up of circular crochet pillow patterns and got some inspiration for your pillow project. Let me know in the comments which one you loved the most.

Have a wonderful day!


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14 of the Best Round Crochet Pillow Patterns

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