An Honest Book Review of Crochet Your Way Into a Buyer's Heart by Elisa Rose

Crochet Your Way to a Buyer’s Heart with Amigurumi Book Review

Hi guys! I had the pleasure of reading Elisa Rose’s newest book, Crochet Your Way Into a Buyer’s Heart with Amigurumi. In this post, I’ll share my honest book review of this 8 step guide to creating your own amigurumi crochet business.

Disclaimer: Thank you to Elisa Rose for gifting me a copy of her book, in exchange for an honest book review. All opinions are my own!

About the Book:

Before we dive into the in-depth amigurumi crochet book review, let’s take a minute to cover the basics.

Title: Crochet Your Way to a Buyer’s Heart with Amigurumi

Author: Elisa Rose of Crochet Never Stops

Elisa is an amigurumi crochet designer who specializes in historical figures, like Salvador Dali and Sir Isaac Newton.

Due to a painful injury, “(Elisa) stopped crocheting indefinitely and turned lemons into lemonade, by writing a book about how to design and sell crochet patterns. She saw a “need in the market for crocheters who want to learn how to design patterns and start their own crochet business.”

You can learn more about Elisa, and explore her patterns and books through the links below:

Publishing Date: March 5, 2023


  • Kindle: $7.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)
  • Paperback: $16.99
  • Hardcover: $26.99

Ratings: 4.9 out of 5 stars (98 reviews on Amazon) 

Number of Pages: 168

Where can it be purchased? 

  • Available exclusively on Amazon HERE!

Quick Synopses:

This book walks you through the process of designing and selling amigurumi crochet patterns, from start to finish. It is broken down into 8 steps, which make up the SPRINKLE approach. The SPRINKLE approach stands for…

  • S….. is for Shapes and Stitches
  • P….. is for Pop
  • R….. is for Report Format
  • I….. is for Inviting
  • N….. is for Niche
  • K….. is for Kinks and Kick-off
  • L….. is for Launch
  • E….. is for Empowerment, Embrace, and Engage

Who is the target audience for this book?

Like the name suggests, this book is for crocheters who love amigurumi, and want to start, or have already started a crochet business. Whether you are an aspiring crochet designer who wants to take the leap into designing, or you have been designing patterns for years, this book is for you. I guarantee that you will come away from this book with at least a couple of nuggets that you can incorporate into your business.

Is this book helpful for non-amigurumi crochet designers?

In my personal opinion, yes. I am not an amigurumi designer. My niche is crochet home decor, so I design blankets, pillows, and potholders. However, while I was reading this book, I found myself jotting down ideas to use in my own business. Some things will not be applicable to you, like the section on shapes and the pattern writing / math breakdown for creating a sphere. However, there are plenty of other sections that are applicable to any crochet niche, like copyright, what to include in a crochet pattern, how to market your pattern, how to find your unique style, colour theory, etc.

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An amigurumi crochet business book review

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What this Book Does Well:

  • #1: This book is not fluff. Each step is incredibly detailed, and includes examples to help you. If you follow the 8 steps, you can successfully design, write, and sell your first crochet pattern.
  • #2: The visuals! Elisa includes pictures, diagrams, and charts throughout the book to support her points, provide examples, and share more information. Here is an example of one of the charts included in the book.
Example Diagram from Crochet Your Way to a Buyer's Heart with Amigurumi by Elisa Rose
  • #3: The author is knowledgeable in this subject area. While the book doesn’t touch on personal experiences, Elisa is an amigurumi crochet designer herself, so her own experience, combined with her research creates a wealth of knowledge.
  • #4: Does not condone hustle culture. Throughout the book, Elisa reminds us in different ways to work at our own pace, do one thing at a time, and not to burn ourselves out. This is the best approach for long-term success because it ensures that we are still healthy and love our crochet business.
  • #5: The inspirational quotes scattered throughout the book are a nice touch. 
  • #6: The difference between plagiarism, copyright, and inspiration. This is one of the most important topics in crochet pattern designing, and many crocheters don’t know about it. This section of the book gives readers the knowledge, so they can protect themselves and avoid these issues.
  • #7: Cites her sources. Elisa includes her sources in the “Reference” section at the back of the book; so if there is a particular topic that you want to learn more about, you can easily find the website or book to read more.
  • #8: Her writing is clear, easy to follow, and engaging!

Anything Lacking?

The one thing that this book doesn’t touch on is the importance of having a tech editor. Elisa has a section dedicated to pattern testers, and while it is important to have testers, it’s equally important to have a tech editor.

A tech editor is a person who checks the technical aspects of your pattern: stitch counts, grammar, math, crochet terminology, and more. They make sure that the pattern is clear and easy to follow, offer suggestions, and fix any errors. Pattern testers can often miss these details when they are crocheting, but tech editors are trained and paid to do this work.

The Importance of Having a Tech Editor
Photo Credit: Sarah from The Tech Editor Hub

Overall Opinion:

Overall, I loved this book. It did what it set out to do: it guided you through the 8 steps for starting an amigurumi crochet pattern business. A beginner could easily follow the 8 steps to design, write, and sell their first amigurumi crochet pattern. An experienced designer could pick up tips for marketing, creating their unique style, or planning for the future.

5 Star Rating for Crochet Your Way to a Buyer's Heart with Amigurumi

One resource cannot include everything; that is an impossible standard to meet. However, this book touches on everything you need to know about starting a crochet business. While some topics are fully flushed out, others are only mentioned briefly. This means that readers are exposed to these topics, but can choose to research them further, like SEO (search engine optimization), or how to set up an Etsy shop.

I wish I had this book when I was starting my business because everything you need is in one place! For $16.99 paperback/$26.99 hardcover, you can’t beat the price. I once purchased a $325 Master Class from a crochet designer, and I didn’t find it nearly as helpful or detailed as this book. So I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to start, or has already started a crochet pattern selling business.

I hope you enjoyed this quick book review of Crochet Your Way to a Buyer’s Heart with Amigurumi by Elisa Rose. If you’d like to check out the book, you can grab a copy of it HERE.

Crochet Your Way Into a Buyer's Heart with Amigurumi Honest Book Review

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I hope you have a wonderful day!

Love, Dayna

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