Everything you Need to Know about Crocheting a Book Blanket

Everything you Need to Know about Crocheting a Book Blanket

Hi guys! If you’ve stumbled across this post, then you’ve probably heard about the newest trend – crocheting a book blanket. Welcome to the place where reading and crochet collide!

In this post, you’ll learn what a crochet book blanket is, how to make your own, and how to join the community of like-minded crocheters.

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Learn to Crochet a Book Blanket to track your reading

The History of the Book Blanket

Book blankets are not a new concept. As far as I can tell, they started to gain traction on Reddit in the Crochet subreddit, about 2 years ago.

Some crocheters loved a book so much that they turned the book cover into a blanket – MrNox252 and OhHiJenelle are two great examples.

Other crocheters chose to make a book blanket that tracked how much they read, and the genre of each book.

Similar to a temperature blanket, crocheters use a set colour palette to track their reading. Each genre is a different colour, and the number of rows they crochet in that colour, depend on how many pages are in the book.

LifewithDragons shared her book blanket rules here, and WithLoveSparrow shared a picture of her completed blanket here.

Crochet book blankets went viral, when Jessica Barber shared her granny square book blanket in the We Love Crochet! Facebook Group, on December 26, 2023 – you can read her post here.

The thing that made Jessica’s blanket different from the ones that came before, is that she made individual granny squares to match her book covers. There was no set colour palette or genre restrictions. When she finished a book, she found colours to match her book cover, and crocheted a granny square to match.

This blanket went viral because it was a unique concept, it had a beautiful result, and it was easy to join in and customize.

What is a Crochet Book Blanket?

A crochet book blanket is a blanket that tracks your reading for a year. There are no set rules for these blankets, but here are a couple of popular types of book blankets to consider:

1. Genre Book Blanket (Row-by-Row):

Like a temperature blanket, you choose a set colour palette for each genre (ex. green = science fiction, red = romance, etc.). Then you decide how many rows you should crochet, based on the number of pages in a book (ex. 1 – 100 pages = 2 rows, 101 – 200 pages = 3 rows, etc.). This means that if you read a science fiction book that has 150 pages, you will crochet 3 rows in the colour green.

Check out this beautiful moss stitch genre book blanket by Ashley Bronstein @ltkcuties.

Crochet Genre Book Blanket by Ashley Bronstein
Photo Credit: Ashley Bronstein @ltkcuties

2. Matching Book Covers (Squares):

When you finish a book, you crochet a square to match the book cover. There are endless possibilities with this type of book blanket:

Option #1: Crochet all of your squares using the same square pattern, but switch up the colours to match each book cover.

Some popular square patterns are:

However, you can choose any square pattern of your choice (easy, simple, or complex). Ravelry is a good place to search for square patterns.

Kristi Garris chose the traditional granny square, and is using gray as her border colour. While Anne Marie is using the Daisy Charity Squares for her blanket – both examples are gorgeous!

Option #2: Crochet different squares of the same size, to represent each book cover.

Jennifer Lynne Craig is crocheting a different square to represent each book she reads, and joining them as she goes. She is using the Granny Square Sourcebook for her squares, but you can read more about her process here. Isn’t her blanket amazing? It really shows how creative you can get with this project.

Crochet Square Book Blanket using different granny squares by Jennifer Lynne Craig
Photo Credit: Jennifer Lynne Craig

How to Make your Own Book Blanket

There are no set rules for crochet book blankets, so you have the freedom to be creative and make your blanket any way you want.

If you don’t know where to start, I recommend looking under the heading, “What is a crochet book blanket?” to see the two most popular types of blankets. Which one speaks to you?

Once you decide on the type of blanket you’d like to make, you can start reading. If you’d like more inspiration or book recommendations, join the Book Blanket Facebook Group to see what others are making and reading.

You can also find more information about Jessica Barber’s blanket, along with some helpful tips for crocheting granny squares, weaving in ends, and choosing your colours, in the Featured Tab here.

How to Join the Community

Jessica Barber, along with Stefie Tidwell, created the Book Blanket Facebook Group to help other makers find inspiration, ask questions, share tips and tricks, and show-off their beautiful blankets and squares.

You will need a Facebook account to join this Facebook group. Click the “Join Group” button, answer all of the questions, and wait for approval.

Once you become a member, you’ll be able to post, access the Featured Tab to find helpful resources, and see what other people are sharing.

I’ve been a member of this group for a month, and it’s so nice to see everyone’s creativity and kindness. You can also get some great book recommendations, if you’re in a reading funk like I am.

Book Blanket Crochet Facebook Group

I hope this book blanket project has inspired you to pick up a hook and a book. Happy crocheting!

Love, Dayna

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