My VVCAL 2022 Crochet Journey

Participating in the VVCAL 2022 – Weekly Updates

Hi guys! This post is about my version of the VVCAL 2022: a crochet-along designed and hosted by Cypress Textiles. Each week, I will be sharing updates, notes, and progress pictures of the new hexagons.

I wanted to try something new this year, so I joined a crochet-along. I’ve never participated in a crochet-along (CAL), but I love the idea of it. There’s something comforting about people making the same thing at the same time, and building connections with each other through pictures, questions, and encouragement. Crochet can often feel isolating, but these crochet-alongs seem to foster a community mindset.

When Cypress Textiles posted about her VVCAL, I jumped at the chance to participate. I have been following Cypress Textiles for years, and even though I haven’t made one of her designs, I love her unique style. She makes one-of-a-kind blankets by using shapes, lines, and colours in a way that no one else dares to try.

The VVCAL 2022 is a hexagon blanket made up of 36 different hexagon patterns, two join methods, and a border. It is 20 weeks long, which means that we will finish the week of July 15, 2022. This is right up my alley because I wanted something that would come together slowly. Each week, 2 – 4 new hexagon patterns are released, so it seems manageable and easy to keep up with it.

If you would like to participate, but you’re worried about the difficulty level, Rachele includes written instructions, step-by-step pictures, a crochet chart, and a video tutorial for each hexagon. So why not give it a try? You might be surprised with how much you’ll learn and grow as a crocheter.

Yarn and Hook Size:

I’m trying to save some money (blankets are expensive haha), so I am using what I already have on hand. I have 7 skeins of Craft Smart Value Yarn, so I’m making a single colour blanket. Sometimes, using a single colour can work well to highlight stitches and texture, but other times, more colours are needed to show the beauty of the blanket. We’ll have to wait and see how it turns out. As I crochet, I will try to keep track of the number of skeins and yards that I used (in case you are interested).

  • Yarn: Craft Smart Value Yarn – Blush (354 yds per skein)
  • Hook Size: 5.5mm

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Participating in the VVCAL 2022 by Cypress Textiles

Week 1 – Here:

Week 1 kicked off with the Plain Hexie A, Plain Hexie B, Solis, and Stella Hexagon.

I love the look of the Plain Hexie B – it reminds me of a granny square, but in hexagon form.

I chose not to use the chain-less start because I don’t mind the look of chains. So I ignored the beginning stitch, and worked a chain 1 or 2, along with the correct stitch.

Below, you’ll see how they turned out. The Stella Hexagon is a bit smaller than the rest of my hexagons, but I am hoping that the difference won’t affect the final join of the blanket.

Tip: Rachele includes BOTH UK and US crochet terminology for each hexagon, on the same blog post. Make sure to check the heading to see if you are following the UK version or the US Version. I made the mistake of following the UK version for the Stella Hexagon, and was halfway through before I realized my mistake haha.

Week 1 VVCAL 2022 Hexagons
The ends are not woven in yet haha!

What Was Happening this Week?

I don’t journal or write in a diary, but I’ve been thinking about how much time we spend crocheting blankets. Most blankets take a week or so to finish, while others take us years. I thought it would be fun to turn this post into a kind of journal entry, where I record what I was doing and how I was feeling each week of the CAL. Then when I look back, I can remember what happened during this significant time.

  • While crocheting these hexagons, I watched Mickey Atkins (a therapist) react to Love is Blind Season 2 episodes. I really enjoyed Mickey’s commentary, and thought it was fun to compare our reactions to the show.
  • On March 4, 2022, my sister-in-law went into labor, and we have a new addition to the family. His name is Miles!
  • I have been in a lot of pain lately (sciatica), so this week I actually started to do something about it. I tried stretching, moving, and walking more often. I’m making baby steps.
  • On March 5, 2022, Logan (husband) and I tried Peruvian food for the first time, and ate a delicious piece of cheesecake. We live in a town that has a lot of diner food, like sandwiches, french fries, and salads, so it was really nice to have something different!
  • Russia attacked Ukraine.

Stay Tuned for a Week 2 Update. I will be back with more pictures, notes, and happenings during the Week of March 11, 2022.

This wraps up Day 59 of the 365 Day Challenge. Thank you so much for reading and following along with me. You can find more posts and topics in the 365 Day Blog Post Challenge here.

Love, Dayna

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