Quick and Easy Free Crochet Christmas Ornaments for the Christmas Tree

31 Beautiful Crochet Christmas Ornaments

In this post, you’ll find a list of 31 free crochet Christmas ornament patterns to make this year.

The lead-up to Christmas is my favourite part of the season. It’s so much fun to decorate our homes, see all of the beautiful Christmas lights and displays, watch the same Christmas movies each year, and drink hot cocoa or apple cider. Nothing beats this cozy, festive time.

To help you get into the Christmas spirit, I’ve compiled a list of 31 beautiful crochet Christmas ornaments to make for your tree or mantel. These ornaments also make great gifts for friends and family (I am making a few for my niece and nephew), or for selling at craft markets.

Let’s countdown to Christmas by making some (or all) of these crochet ornaments!

P.S. These crochet Christmas ornaments would make great gifts for the Random Act of Crochet Kindness Challenge. You can learn more about this challenge and how to participate here.

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Random Act of Crochet Kindness Crochet Christmas Ornaments Free Pattern

Tips for Making Crochet Ornaments:

From one crocheter to another, here are my tips for making crochet Christmas ornaments:

Tip #1: Use What you Have

Patterns will include the yarn (weight/fiber/brand) and hook size needed, and you may be tempted to go out and buy that specific yarn for your project. Don’t let me stop you, but if you want to save money and use what you have on hand, then you can.

Sizing and gauge aren’t very important for crochet ornaments, so you can use your preferred yarn and hook size. Just in keep in mind that using a larger weight yarn will make a bigger ornament, and using a smaller weight yarn will make a smaller ornament.

Tip #2: Block Your Ornaments

Blocking is the process of wetting your crochet to relax the stitches, which helps it lie flat and straightens the edges. Blocking your ornaments makes a huge difference in the look and drape. For example, if your ornament curls in on itself, then blocking will fix this!

To block your ornaments:

  • Lay them flat on a blocking mat or foam board.

  • Stretch them out and hold them in place with straight pins.

  • Spray them with water or steam them (making sure to stay at least 2″ away from the fabric).

  • Gently press the water/steam into the ornament with your hands, and let them dry completely before unpinning them!
25 Crochet Christmas Ornaments to Make for your Tree or for Gifts
Here are some of the crochet Christmas ornaments that I made using the patterns below (Pattern 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5). I blocked them before hanging them on my tree!


5 Minute Crochet Snowflake

5 Minute Crochet Snowflake - Crochet Christmas Ornament

The 5 Minute Crochet Snowflake by Crochet for You looks beautiful and intricate, but is a lot easier than you think. It uses less than 10 yards of yarn, and works up in about 15 minutes (that was my speed).


Flat Christmas Tree

Puff Stitch Crochet Christmas Tree Ornament

The Flat Christmas Tree by Desert Blossom Crafts can be used in a couple of ways: as an applique that you can add to jazz up your wrapped gifts, or as a Christmas Tree ornament. It uses the puff stitches to create a beautiful pop of texture, and it works up quickly!


Not Just for Christmas Crochet Star

Not Just for Christmas Star Crochet Christmas Ornament

The Not Just for Christmas Crochet Star by Ripping Yarns is a decoration that you can use for any holiday or season. The pattern is available as a free download on the Rippingyarns.co website. I made this ornament, and I recommend blocking it to get nice straight edges along the star (see blocking tip and photo above).


Candy Cane Cover

Candy Cane Christmas Crochet Ornament Free Pattern

Have you ever used candy canes to decorate your tree? If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it. Candy canes a budget friendly decoration that you can find at your local dollar store, in boxes of 10-12. Jazz up your candy canes with these beautiful, lacy Candy Cane Covers by Sewrella. They make the perfect large scale ornament to add to your tree!

P.S. You can use red and white striped pipe cleaners in place of a candy cane.


Mini Crochet Stocking

Mini Crochet Christmas Stocking Ornament Free Pattern

These adorable Mini Crochet Stockings by B.Hooked make the perfect addition to your tree or mantel. You can crochet a bunch in different colours and stripes, or even add personalizations to represent your loved ones. Last year, I made 8 mini stockings and hung them on my fireplace this year!


Paw Print Ornament

Paw Print Crochet Christmas Ornament Free Pattern

Calling all dog lovers: this ornament is for you! Crochet a Paw Print Ornament by Simply Hooked by Janet, to represent your fur baby this year. The pattern is easy to follow, and makes a cute addition to your tree.


Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornament

Ugly Christmas Sweater Crochet Ornament Free Pattern

Add a touch of whimsy to your Christmas Tree with the Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornament by Stitch by Fay. Her pattern is easy to follow and makes the cutest mini sweater!


Christmas Gnome Ornament

Gnome Crochet Christmas Ornament Free Pattern

Is there anything cuter than a gnome? If you’re a fellow gnome lover, you’ve got to try the Christmas Gnome Ornament by Golden Lucy Crafts. The entire gnome (hat, beard, and pants) are made out of crochet hearts – how cool is that?


Crochet Gingerbread House Ornament

Gingerbread House Crochet Christmas Ornament Free Pattern

Instead of baking and decorating a gingerbread house this year, why not crochet one for your Christmas tree? This adorable Crochet Gingerbread House Ornament by Raffamusa Designs, takes a bit more time to crochet, but the final result is worth the effort!


Lollipop Ornament

Lollipop Crochet Christmas Ornament

Stitch by Fay does it again with this adorable Lollipop Ornament. If you have a sweet tooth, or love the whimsical and magical Christmas aesthetic, then this ornament will suit you perfectly.


Crochet Snowman Ornament

Snowman Crochet Christmas Ornament Free Pattern

How precious is this amigurumi-style Snowman Ornament by Maria’s Blue Crayon? You can use it as an ornament for your tree, or as a winter decoration for your home! This pattern is part of a 12-Days of Christmas Crochet-Along, so please check out her website for more fun ornament patterns.


Crochet Snowman

Snowman Crochet Christmas Ornament by Repeat Crafter Me

Can you tell just from looking at the picture that this Crochet Snowman was designed by Repeat Crafter Me? She has her own unique style that comes through in all of her designs. This snowman is a flat-lay ornament with some cozy additions, like a scarf and ear muffs!


Crochet Angel

Crochet Angel Christmas Ornament Free Pattern by Attys

This beautiful Crochet Angel by Atty’s can be crocheted using a single colour or multiple colours. The free pattern includes lots of step-by-step pictures to help you!


Crochet Christmas Present Ornament

Christmas Present Ornament by Sewrella free pattern

Presents are another great way to add a touch of Christmas to your tree. This adorable Christmas Present Ornament by Sewrella can be made in a variety of colours to suit your style and decor.


Lacy Snowflake Ring Ornament

Lacy Snowflake Ring Christmas Crochet ornament Free Pattern

This is one of the most beautiful snowflakes I’ve seen! Lacy and delicate on the edges, but sturdy in the center due to the wooden ring. The Lacy Snowflake Ring Ornament by Whiskers and Wool is a super quick make that only has 3 rounds!


Rudolph Ornament

Rudolph Christmas Crochet Ornament by Spin a Yarn

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is one of the most magical parts of Christmas – he saved the day and led the way with his bright red nose. Add him to your tree this year, by crocheting this sweet Rudolph Ornament pattern by Spin a Yarn.


Mini Holiday Hats

Mini Santa Holiday Hats Crochet Christmas Ornament Pattern

Add something cute and cozy to your tree with Repeat Crafter Me’s Mini Holiday Hat Pattern. You can make it in Christmas colours, or add faces to make a gingerbread or snowman version.


Santa Ornament

Santa Christmas Crochet Ornament Free Pattern

Santa’s coming to town! This Santa Ornament by Knitted-Patterns.com is both classic and fun. It features a pom-pom and bell at the end of the hat, a cute pop-out nose, and a big white beard. It even has a hidden pocket in the back for storing gift cards or notes.


Christmas Pickle Ornament

Pickle Crochet Christmas Ornament Free Pattern

Have you heard the story behind the Christmas Pickle? It’s said that after visiting each house, Santa hides a pickle in the Christmas tree. The person that finds the pickle gets an extra gift, and good luck for the rest of the year. To keep this tradition alive, crochet the Christmas Pickle Ornament by Sewrella, and make it a fun game for your family!


Weasley Christmas Sweater Ornament

Weasley Family Sweaters Crochet Christmas Ornament

Any Harry Potter fans out there? If so, I think you’ll love making these Weasley Christmas Sweater Ornaments by 5 Little Monsters, for you and your loved ones. My best friend is a Potterhead, so I made her one in Gryffindor colours with her initial, and she loves it!


Candy Cane Amigurumi Ornament

Candy Cane Amigurumi Crochet Christmas Ornament

Like I said before, candy canes are a great way to decorate your tree. They’re festive, bright, and always come in Christmas colours. If you’re looking for a crochet candy cane that is substantial and beautiful, then you’ll love this Candy Cane Amigurumi Ornament by Raffamusa Designs.


Angel Ornament

Crochet Christmas Angel Ornament Free Pattern

You can never have too many angels on your tree, and sometimes, it’s nice to have some variety. This Angel Ornament Pattern from Stitches by Fay is simple, classic, and beautiful. It reminds me of those tiny crystal angels that sparkle when the Christmas lights hit them, but in crochet form!


Gingerbread Cookie Christmas Crochet Ornament Free Pattern

What is your favourite Christmas cookie? For me, it’s a toss up between a sugar cookie and a gingerbread cookie. If you don’t feel like baking this year, why not crochet a Gingerbread Cookie Ornament by Repeat Crafter Me, to get into the Christmas Spirit? You can “decorate” him with your yarn and hook.


Christmas Wreath Ring Ornament

Christmas Wreath Crochet Ornament Free Pattern

Another staple in Christmas decor, is a wreath. This crocheted Christmas Wreath Ring Ornament by Whiskers & Wool, is charming with it’s minimal design! Like the Lacy Snowflake, it is made by crocheting around a wooden ring, which makes it sturdy. It only has 3 rounds, so it works up quickly!


Twinkle Turtle Ornament

Twinkly Turtle Crochet Christmas Ornament

Sometimes, it’s just fun to have ornaments that have nothing to do with Christmas, but everything to do with our personality. If you love turtles (I have a couple turtle lovers in my life – save the turtles!), then this Twinkle Turtle Ornament by Rupinder Kaur, is for you! Make one for your tree, and I guarantee that it will be a conversation starter.


Hot Cocoa Mug Ornament

Mini Hot Cocoa Crochet Christmas Ornaments Free Pattern

It’s time for a steaming cup of Hot Cocoa; and don’t forget to add the mini marshmallows! While you’re at it, why not crochet this sweet Hot Cocoa Mug Ornament by Whistle and Ivy? It’s sure to make you feel warm and cozy!


Christmas Baubles

Crochet Bauble Ornament Free Pattern

If elegant Christmas is the theme you are going for this year, then these Christmas Baubles by Zsófia Muraközi are perfect! You can customize the colours to suit your style, and I bet that once you start, you won’t be able to stop – these ornaments are addicting!


Winter Ornaments

Christmas Snow Globe Crochet Ornaments Free Pattern

These Winter Ornaments by Golden Lucy Crafts, remind me of a magical snow globe! Each ornament features a different winter scene – a snowman catching snowflakes, and a Christmas tree in a forest. I hope you have fun crocheting your favourite version.


Mini Mittens and Hats Ornament

Mini Crochet Mittens and Hat Crochet Christmas Ornament

Christmas is all about bundling up, and staying warm in the cold. This cute Mini Hat and Mittens Ornament by Raffamusa Designs, reminds me of the scene in the Christmas Story when Randy’s mom wraps him up in so many layers, that he can’t walk or stand up. I hope these ornaments keep your tree warm this year!


Caroling Coffee Amigurumi Ornament

Starbucks Coffee Crochet Christmas Ornament Free Pattern

This Caroling Coffee Ornament by Crafty Kitty Crochet is beyond adorable. It’s festive with the sprig of holly on it’s sleeve, and it’s screams, “I LOVE COFFEE!”.


Elf Door Ornament

Crochet Elf Door Christmas Ornament

Last, but not least, is this enchanting little Elf Door Ornament from Stitch by Fay. The details on this door are amazing, and evoke that sense of childlike wonderment that we used to feel at Christmas time.

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Alright guys, this wraps up the list of 31 crochet Christmas ornament patterns. I hope you found one (or more) that inspired you, and got you fired up and ready to crochet.

I know that the holidays are not always a happy time, and there is a lot of stress associated with decorating, buying gifts, spending time with family, etc. Whatever your situation, I hope that these ornaments can bring you some joy in the midst of the Christmas chaos.

I am wishing you the merriest of Christmases, and the Happiest of Holidays. I hope you have a wonderful day, and happy crocheting!

Love, Dayna

31 Beautiful Crochet Christmas Ornaments Free Crochet Patterns

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