How to Join Granny Squares as You Go

Easy Join As You Go Method for Granny Squares

Hi guys! If you are making a project with granny squares, and sewing isn’t your strong suit, I think you’ll love this join as you go method (JAYGO).

This is the same method I used to attach my Polka Dottie Granny Squares to make a blanket. So for those making their own Polka Dottie Blankets, I hope you find this tutorial helpful!

You can find step-by-step pictures and a complete video tutorial below.

Modern Small Circle Granny Square Blanket using join as You Go and a Pom Pom Border with Lion Brand Skein Tones Yarn

What does it mean to join as you go?

Join as you go (JAYGO) means that after the first square is made, each additional square is attached to the previous square using crochet stitches, instead of sewing.

The Join As You Go method is great for 3 reasons:

  1. It minimizes the amount of ends that you need to weave in at the end of the project.
  2. Instead of making a pile of granny squares, and waiting until the end to sew them together, you can attach them as you make them to see your progress.
  3. You can feel confident that your joins are secure. If you trust your crochet skills, then the joins will hold up well over time through multiple washes.
Join as You Go Crochet Squares

When Should I Use this Join As You Go Method?

Great question! There are a number of JAYGO method because every project is different. So a JAYGO method that works for one project, might not work for another.

This particular JAYGO method is great for closed stitch squares. Since the JAYGO method starts on the final round, the final round should not have any chain spaces, gaps, or holes, except in the corners.

For example, I used this method to join my Polka Dottie Granny Squares. In the final round (Rnd 4), there are no holes or gaps between the stitches, except for the corner chain-1 spaces.

Crochet Small Circle Granny Square Pattern


  • Active Square – the square you are currently completing 
  • Join Square – the square you are joining to 
  • St – stitch
  • Ch – chain
  • Sl st – slip stitch
  • Sc – single crochet

Video Tutorial:

Here is a video tutorial to show you how to use the join as you go method to join your active square to 1 or more squares. There are timestamps included, so you can skip to the part(s) you need.

Join As You Go Method Tutorial for Granny Squares:


  • The join-as-you go method starts in the final round of the square. So for the Polka Dottie Granny Square, this will be Rnd 4.
  • The honey colour is used to highlight the join/stitch placement in the photos.

Step 1:

Active Square: Before starting Rnd 4, mark the 4 corner sts of Rnd 3 with a stitch marker, so you don’t lose track! The corner sts are the second dcs of the 3 dc increases from Rnd 3 (Picture 1).

Join Square: Mark the 4 ch-1 sps from Rnd 4 with a stitch marker.

Step 2: Working in the active square, ch 1, sc in first corner st, sc in each st across until the next corner st, sc in corner st.

JAYGO Method for Crochet Squares Tutorial

Step 3: Line up the side of the active square with the join square. Insert the hook into the ch-1 sp of the join square, and make a sl st (this counts as a ch-1 for the active square, and joins the two corners)

Join as You Go Granny Squares
Step 4: In the active square, make 1 sc in same st to complete the corner (this is the same st that the (sc, ch 1) were worked into in Step 2)
An Easy Join as You Go Method for Granny Squares

Step 5: Pull up the loop on the hook, so you don’t lose it, and remove the hook.  Insert the hook into the next st of the join square (Picture 1). Place the loop back on the hook, tighten it, and pull it through the st of the join square (this joins the sc of the active square to the matching sc of the join square – Picture 2 & 3). 

Step 6: Sc in next st of active squareRepeat Steps 5 and 6 across until the next corner st. 

Step 7: Sc in next corner st of active square, and join it to the matching st of the join square

Joining to More than 1 Square:

If joining to another square, repeat Steps 3 – 7 along the next side of the active square.

Not Joining to Another Square:

If not joining to additional squares, complete the remaining sides of the rnd as normal: sc in each st across until corner, (sc, ch 1, sc) in each corner. When you reach the first corner of the rnd, (sc, ch 1) to complete the corner. Sl st to join. Fasten off!

Joining to One Granny Square

After making your first granny square, each additional square will be joined using the join as you go method. I hope this helps save you time, minimize the amount of sewing in your project, and creates strong joins between the squares.

Please let me know in the comments if you enjoy this method, or if you have any questions. I am happy to help!

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and get some time to be creative.

Love, Dayna

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