Crochet Granny Square Pattern Circle Center and Lion Brand Skein Tones

How to Make the Polka Dottie Crochet Granny Square

Hi guys! Let’s crochet a granny square together. And not just any crochet granny square. We are making a modern granny square with a circle center to help us use up our scrap yarn bits. You can get as creative as you want with this pattern and use it to crochet blankets, bags, wall hangings, garments, and more. If you can think it, you can make it!

Feel free to experiment with colour. I used 8 different shades of brown/yellow for my circular centers, and kept the border neutral with an off-white colour. However, you can switch up the colours for both the circles and the border to have more fun with colour.

Whatever you choose to do with this crochet granny square pattern, I hope you enjoy making it!


Yarn Choice and Colours: 

One of the great things about this crochet granny square pattern, is that it’s versatile. This means that you can use any yarn type and weight, which makes it a great stash buster project.

However, for those wondering what yarn I used, here is my colour choice:

  • Main Colour for the Border: Ivory
  • Center Circle Colours: Almond, Hazelnut, Cedarwood, Honey, Adobe, Truffle, Mahogany, Cocoa, Ebony
Modern Scrap Yarn Granny Square Blanket

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Easy Beginner Granny Square with Circle Center Free Pattern


  • St(s) – stitch(es)
  • MR – magic ring
  • Ch – chain
  • Sl st – slip stitch
  • Sc – single crochet
  • Hdc – half double crochet
  • Dc – double crochet
  • Standing dc – standing double crochet (see tutorial below)
  • Rnd – round
  • <> – stitch counts for each round are shown in <> brackets
  • [] – repeat instructions in brackets according to the number of times indicated outside of the brackets

Pattern Measurement/Gauge:

Each square measures approximately 3″ wide x 3″ long.

Standing Double Crochet Tutorial:

A standing double crochet is the first stitch of a new round or row that is worked without a starting chain. Working a double crochet without a starting chain creates a seamless look that will take your crochet skills up a notch. When learning something new, it’s going to feel a little weird, but once you get the hang of it, I think you’ll really enjoy this seamless start to a new row/round.


  • Wrap the yarn around the hook twice (almost like you are making a triple crochet)! (Picture 1)
  • Insert the hook into any stitch to start the new round. (Picture 2)
  • YO and draw up a loop – there should be 3 loops on the hook. (Picture 3)
  • YO and pull through 2 loops – there should be 2 loops remaining. (Picture 4 and 5)
  • YO and pull through the last 2 loops to complete the double crochet. (Picture 6)
How to Crochet the Standing Double Crochet Stitch Tutorial



  • The beginning ch of each rnd does not count as a st.
  • Rnd 3 begins with a standing dc. Please see the tutorial above for how to do this st.
  • St counts are given at the end of each rnd in < >.

With Colour A, make a MR.

Rnd 1: Ch 2, 12 dc in MR. Join with a sl st. <12 dc>

Round of Double Crochet

Rnd 2: Ch 2, 2 dc in each st around. Join with a sl st. Fasten off. <24 dc>

Rnd 3: With Colour B, standing dc in any st, dc in same st, [hdc in next st, sc in next 3 sts, hdc in next st, 3 dc in next st] 3 times; hdc in next st, sc in next 3 sts, hdc in last st, dc in first st to complete the corner. Join with a sl st. <12 dc, 8 hdc, 12 sc>

Note: The corner st refers to the second dc of the 3 dc increases from Rnd 3.

Rnd 4: Ch 1, sc in first corner st, [sc in next 7 sts, (sc, ch 1, sc) in corner st] 3 times; sc in last 7 sts, (sc, ch 1) in first corner st to complete the corner. Join with a sl st. Fasten off. <36 sc, 4 ch-1 sp>

Joining Multiple Crochet Granny Squares Together:

If you choose to make more than one granny square, then you’ll need to join them together. There are two ways to join these crochet granny squares:

  1. Make a bunch of granny squares and sew them together using the whip stitch or mattress stitch.
  2. Make 1 granny square, then use a join-as-you-go method to attach each additional granny square as you crochet.

There is no right or wrong method to use for joining granny squares. However, my personal preference is the join-as-you-go (JAYGO) method because I don’t always trust my sewing skills. So when I use the JAYGO method, I feel confident that my work will not unravel, and it minimizes the amount of sewing involved. It’s a win-win for me!

If you would like to try the JAYGO method, you can find a tutorial for it HERE! For this granny square pattern, the JAYGO method starts in Rnd 4, and after the first granny square, each additional granny square is worked using the JAYGO method.

Making a Custom Sized Blanket:

I am making a blanket that measures 39″ wide x 54″ long (before adding a border), which means that I’ll need to make a total of 234 squares.

To figure out how many squares you need to make for your own blanket, there is a worksheet below to help you. It walks you through choosing the size of your blanket, calculating the number of squares, and has a chart for tracking your progress! I hope it helps make the crochet process a little easier.

Click on the button below to download the worksheet:

I hope you enjoy this quick and easy granny square pattern, and that it helps you use up some of your stash. Let me know in the comments below what you will be making with your granny squares. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Love, Dayna

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