3 Easy Textured Circle Crochet Cotton Face Pads Free Crochet Patterns

3 Unique, Easy, and Pretty Crochet Face Pad Patterns

Hi guys! Did you know that the first video tutorial and pattern that I shared was for reusable crochet face pads? This cotton face pad pattern is a great project for absolute beginners because it only has 3 rounds (2 rounds of double crochet, and 1 round of single crochet). You can find the pattern here.

Beginner Crochet Project Cotton Face Pads

Since then, I’ve grown as a crocheter. So I wanted to design some fun facial rounds (or dish scrub pads), with texture and stitches. These were a treat to make in between my larger blanket projects, giving me some time to recharge.

Introducing the Three’s Company Face Pad Set, featuring the Polka Dot, Be My Sunshine, and Flower Power face pad. This set includes 3 different face pad patterns to help you learn some new stitches and techniques, and challenge yourself on a smaller scale.

Three’s Company Face Pad Set:

You can find the free pattern for each face pad linked above! However, if you prefer to print the pattern, you can find the the ad-free printable PDF here. This PDF includes step-by-step pictures, written instructions, and links to the video tutorials for the 3 face pads.

Feel free to share your progress and finished makes in our TPC Crochet Community Group on Facebook. If you have any questions, we’re happy to help!

Materials & Yarn Needed:

Yarn Note:

I used Dishie yarn for my face pads, but you can use any cotton yarn as a substitute! Cotton yarn is recommended because it’s soft on your skin, durable, and absorbent!

Yarn Choice:

A few months ago, I bought a bunch of cotton yarn for a yarn review post. Have I written the blog post yet? Of course not haha. But, I told myself that I need to make a dent in this stash before I can buy anymore yarn, so I’m slowly working my way through it.

One of the cotton yarns in my stash is WeCrochet Dishie Yarn: a worsted weight 4 cotton yarn. Dishie Yarn is soft and durable; the colours are beautiful; it has a tiny sheen to it, without being shiny; and the stitch definition is incredible. You cannot go wrong with this yarn, especially since it is affordable. It has quickly risen to the top of my favourite yarns list.

Alternative Uses for These Crochet Face Pads:

  • You can use these crochet face pads as scrub pads for washing dishes. Dishie yarn holds up well for dish pads, but if you want something with more grit, you can switch up the yarn. 

Care and Washing Instructions:

  • Before cutting off the yarn tails, PLEASE weave in your ends. The Magic Ring is not secure on its own because it is not made with a knot. To secure this end, pull it tight to close the magic ring, weave it through a few stitches, making one or two knots as you weave. By weaving in your ends securely, you can ensure that your facial pads will hold up over time, and won’t unravel in the wash. 
  • Wash face pads with your towels and sheets in warm water.
  • Use the delicate cycle.
  • Lay flat and let them air dry.

Pin these Crochet Face Pads for Later – Here!

Pinning this pattern really makes a difference because it helps the pattern get seen by other crocheters. Thank you for taking the time to pin this pattern, and get it circulating!

Three's Company Round Crochet Face Pads - 3 Patterns

I hope you enjoy making and using your crochet face pads!

Love, Dayna

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