12 Free Crochet Pot Holder Patterns: 2023 Pot Holders Galore Crochet Along

Pot Holders Galore Crochet Along 2023 (PGCAL)

Hi guys! Welcome to the main page of the Pot Holders Galore Crochet Along for 2023. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about this year’s pot holder crochet along.

Last year, I hosted the first Pot Holders Galore Crochet-along, which ran for 5 weeks. A lot of you mentioned that you would be up for another crochet-along, but you’d like it to be longer. So…drum roll please!

This year, I’ll be hosting our second annual Pot Holders Galore Crochet Along, which will run for an entire year! The patterns will use different stitches, colours, and constructions, but will remain double thick (that’s important as I don’t want anyone to burn their hands or their furniture).

Each month, a new pot holder design will be released in the form of a video tutorial on Youtube, a free written pattern on this blog with ads, and an ad-free printable paid PDF on Ravelry. By the end of this crochet along, you’ll have a total of 12 pot holders to keep, gift, or donate!

If this sounds like fun to you, please keep reading to learn more about the crochet along!

What is a Crochet-a-long (CAL)? 

A crochet-a-long (a.k.a. a CAL) is an online event where crocheters come together to make the same pattern or set of patterns within a set period of time. The pattern(s) are released in parts, and pattern support is provided. 

How does the Pot Holders Galore Crochet Along work?

  • The Pot Holders Galore Crochet Along is a year-long crochet along that starts on Friday, January 27, 2023, and ends on December 31, 2023 (please see schedule below for pattern release days).
  • Each month, a new pot holder pattern will be available as a complete video tutorial on Youtube, a free written pattern on the blog with ads, and an ad-free printable PDF on Ravelry. 
  • As a special thank you to everyone who purchases an ad-free printable PDF on Ravelry, there will be a bonus pot holder pattern included in their order (released on December 1st with the last pot holder).

Pattern Release Days: 

Patterns are released every 4 weeks on a Friday! So 1 pattern will be released each month, for a total of 12 pot holder patterns (+ a bonus pot holder pattern included in the ad-free paid printable PDF).

2023 Pot Holders Galore Crochet Along Schedule for Patterns


You are welcome to share pictures of anything and everything related to the Crochet Along in the Facebook Group HERE. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we cannot wait to see how you put your unique spin on each pot holder. 

If you prefer to participate on Instagram, please tag me @thispixiecreates or use the hashtag #potholdersgalorecal.

Can I Join in at Different Times?

Of course! This is a very laid-back and relaxed crochet along because each month is a standalone pattern. This means that you can join in at random times, make a pot holder one month, and skip the next month. There is no pressure to complete all 12 patterns, or rush through the month to finish your pot holder. Take your time, and just have fun!

Get Notified when a New Pattern Month has Started: 

  • Join the Crochet-a-long email list to get notifications sent to your inbox – HERE! 
  • Join the Facebook Group and set your notification settings to see all posts HERE! 
  • If you are following along via Youtube, subscribe to my channel to get notified when a new pattern week is uploaded HERE!
  • Follow along with the Pinterest board – HERE!

Pin the Potholder Crochet Along for Later – HERE!

Pinning this crochet along to your Pinterest board is a great (and free) way to support this blog. Pinning really makes a difference because it helps get the crochet along circulating, so others can see it too. Thank you for taking the time to pin this crochet along!

You can also follow along with the 2023 Pot Holders Galore Pinterest Board HERE; every pot holder pattern will be pinned to this board.


Questions are welcome at any time in the Facebook Community Group. If you don’t feel comfortable asking in the group, you are welcome to send me an email at thispixiecreates@gmail.com. Please specify which pattern you are currently having trouble with. I am happy to help! 

Before Asking a Question: 

  • Read through this post one more time! 
  • Read the pattern notes included with each pattern. 
  • If you are following along with the written pattern and you find a certain section confusing, please reference the video tutorial. There are timestamps embedded in the video to help you skip through to the parts that you need. 
  • Read through the entire pattern (Materials, Gauge, Customization, Instructions, and Seaming). 

If you cannot find your answer, then please ask! We love questions, and it helps so many people who may have a similar question and are too shy to ask. The best place to ask questions is in the Facebook Community Group, via email (thispixiecreates@gmail.com), or through my Contact page. Please specify which pattern you are asking about. I normally respond within 24 hours. 

Crochet Pattern Difficulty: Intermediate 

This crochet along is considered to be intermediate level difficulty because we are using a few different stitches, changing colour, seaming, and working in the round. However, the patterns always include step-by-step pictures, and a complete video tutorial, so adventurous beginners are welcome to crochet along too!

Crochet Terminology: US Terms

Each pattern is written in US terminology.

Stitches to Master Before Starting the Pot Holders Galore CAL: 

  • Chain Stitch
  • Single Crochet
  • Half Double Crochet 
  • Double Crochet
  • Triple Crochet

The Benefits of the Pot Holders Galore Crochet Along: 

  • This is a great chance for beginners to learn new stitches and techniques in a fun and encouraging environment.
  • Pot holders are portable, so you can bring them with you. These projects are great to work on outside!
  • Pot holders are practical and make great gifts. Whether you keep them for yourself, or gift them to friends and family, you’ll get a lot of use out of these pot holders.
  • Crochet-a-longs are fun. It’s a chance to join a community, ask questions, offer encouragement, and make friends with fellow crochet and yarn lovers.
  • Each pot holder takes a couple of hours to make, so they are quick projects!
  • These patterns are great for using up scrap yarn because they require 300 yards or less!
  • If you have been wanting to learn to read patterns, this is a perfect time to learn. Try following the written patterns each week, and using the videos as back up or reinforcement when you need it.
  • If you miss a month, that’s okay! It’s flexible, and you can crochet-along with everyone the next month.

About the Ad-Free Printable PDF on Ravelry: 

  • The ad-free PDF is available HERE!
  • As a special thank you to everyone who purchases an ad-free printable PDF on Ravelry, there will be a bonus pot holder pattern included in their order (released on December 1 with the last pot holder).
  • The printable PDF is available for $12 USD for 12 (+ 1 bonus) pot holders patterns; this works out to $0.92 / pattern.
  • Each month, a new pattern will be available for downloading. 
  • Once you purchase the pattern, you’ll receive an email when a new update is available to download each month. 
  • The ad-free printable PDF is ready to print and use. It includes step-by-step pictures, video tutorial links, and written instructions. 
  • At the end of the CAL, all 12 (+1 bonus) patterns will be combined into one PDF for easy printing and use. 
  • Purchasing this pattern helps to support my family and I. Thank you so much!

What Can I Use a Pot Holder For?

Pot holders (a.k.a. trivets and hot pads) are practical items that you can use in the kitchen.

  • Set a scolding pot/pan/baking sheet/casserole dish on a pot holder to protect your counters and furniture.
  • Use them like oven mitts when taking something out of the oven or microwave.
  • Use them as a portable placemat. Place a pot holder underneath a hot bowl or plate, so you can carry your food to the table or the couch.
  • Use them as a coaster for hot drinks!

The materials section contains affiliate links that support the content on ThisPixieCreates. If you make a purchase through one of my affiliate links, I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you. Thank you so much for your support! Find more information about affiliate links, as well as my Privacy & Disclosures Policy here.

Materials for the Crochet Along:

Yarn Choice: 

For my pot holders, I chose to use two cotton yarns: Dishie Yarn from WeCrochet, and I Love this Cotton! Yarn from Hobby Lobby. Both yarns are 100% cotton, soft, durable, and the colours are beautiful. Dishie Yarn is priced $3.49 USD for 1 skein of 190 yards, while I Love this Cotton! is regularly priced at $3.99, but goes on sale every other week for $2.79 (30% off).

Alternative Yarn Options: 

Here are a few soft, durable, and easy to work with, cotton yarn alternatives: 

  • Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton: Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton Yarn is a mercerized cotton that is soft on your hands, and has a nice sheen to it. The collection has 37 colours to choose from, so I hope you find one that speaks to you. 
  • Bernat Handicrafter Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter is another great medium 4 cotton alternative. It comes in 26 solid colour options, and a few variegated colours too.

Any medium 4 Worsted / Aran Weight Cotton Yarn can be used for these patterns. 

Yardage & Colours for each Pot Holder:

Pot HolderHook SizeYarn & ColoursYardage
14.0 mmBrand: Dishie
A: Begonia
B: Blush
D: Navy
E: Conch
F: Linen  

Brand: Lionbrand 24/7 Cotton
C: Goldenrod
A – 13 yds / 12 m
B – 22 yds / 20 m
C – 40 yds / 37 m
D – 31 yds / 28 m
E – 89 yds / 81 m
F – 18 yds / 17 m
Total –  213 yds / 195 m
24.0 mmBrand: Dishie
A: Honeydew
B: Kenai
A – 95 yds / 87 m
B – 100 yds / 91 m
Total – 195 yds / 178 m
34.0 mmBrand: I Love this Cotton!
A: Dark Denim
B: Periwinkle
C: Antique Gold
D: Warm Blush
A – 95 yds / 87 m
B – 28 yds / 26 m
C – 28 yds / 26 m
D – 18 yds / 17 m
Total – 169 yds / 156 m
44.0 mmBrand: Dishie
A: Sunbaked
B: Swan
A – 70 yds / 64 m
B – 85 yds / 78 m
Total – 155 yds / 142 m
54.0 mmBrand: Dishie
A: Navy 
B: Kenai
C: Honeydew 
D: Creme Brulee
E: Clarity
A: 5 yds / 5 m
B: 20 yds / 18 m
C: 20 yds / 18 m
D: 15 yds / 14 m
E: 80 yds / 73 m
Total: 140 yds / 128 m
64.0mmBrand: Dishie
A: Sunbaked
B: Swan
A – 70 yds / 64 m
B – 105 yds / 96 m
Total – 175 yds / 160 m
74.0 mmBrand: Dishie
A: Begonia 
B: Conch
C: Kenai 
D: Honeydew 
A – 55 yds / 50 m
B – 50 yds / 46 m
C – 50 yds / 46 m
D – 55 yds / 50 m
Total – 210 yds / 192 m
84.0 mmBrand: Dishie
A: Sunbaked
Total – 150 yds / 137 m
94.0 mmBrand: Dishie
A: Conch
B: Begonia
C: Kenai
D: Blush
A – 55 yds / 50m
B – 55 yds / 50 m
C – 37 yds / 34 m
D – 37 yds / 34 m
Total – 184 yds / 168 m
105.0 mmBrand: I Love this Cotton!
A: Serene Spa
Total – 143 yds / 131 m
114.0 mmBrand: Dishie
A: Blush 
B: Navy
A – 70 yds / 64 m
B – 150 yds / 137 m
Total – 220 yds / 201 m
125.0 mmBrand: Dishie
A: Kenai
B: Clarity
A – 133 yds / 122 m
B – 59 yds / 54 m
Total – 192 yds / 176 m

Potholder Patterns (In Order):

All 12 potholder patterns in the 2023 Crochet-Along have been released. You can find the link to each potholder pattern below; simply click on the picture, and it will take you to the pattern.

What about Lilly Sugar n’ Creme? 

If you have this yarn on hand, please give it a try. However, if it hurts your hands, or you find it hard to work the stitches, I recommend using a softer and more flexible cotton yarn. The potholders are designed to be double thick, so they will be sturdy and durable on their own, and the patterns are much easier to crochet when working with a softer yarn. 

Can I Use Acrylic Yarn or Any Other Material Besides Cotton? 

Since pot holders are going to be exposed to a lot of heat, using 100% cotton yarn is the safest material to use. 100% Wool is also a great alternative because it is heat resistant. However, acrylic and other fibers melt under excessive heat. So when a hot pan is placed on them, the heat will cause the pot holder to melt, the stitches to clump together, and chemicals to be released into the air.

Care Instructions: 

  • Before cutting off the yarn tails, PLEASE weave in your ends. By weaving in your ends securely, you can ensure that your pot holders will hold up over time, and won’t unravel in the wash. 
  • Wash pot holders with your towels and sheets in cold water.
  • Use the delicate cycle.
  • Lay flat and let them air dry, or tumble dry on low heat.

Pot Holder Construction:

This year’s pot holder construction is different. Instead of creating a series of magic pot holders that are crocheted in the round and seamed along the diagonal, we will be experimenting with 4 different pot holder constructions. No matter the construction, each pot holder will be double thick:

1. Some pot holders will be crocheted as a circle in the round. We will make 2 identical circle pieces, and crochet them together.

2. Some pot holders will be crocheted as a large square in the round, with the corners folded in the back.

3. Some pot holders will be crocheted as a pouch in the round, then seamed closed at the top.

4. Other pot holders will be made of two or more shapes that are seamed together.

Free Ways to Support the Pot Holders Galore CAL:

  • “Pin” the Crochet Along pin below to your Pinterest board. This really helps to get the crochet along circulating, so that other crocheters can see it too.
  • “Favorite” the Crochet-a-long on Ravelry!
  • Share this post or news about the crochet along with others.
  • If you share a picture of something you made from my pattern, please include a link back to the blog post, so other crocheters can make it too.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do some or all of these things. It really makes a difference, and I appreciate it more than you know.

I hope you guys are excited to make some pot holders! I can’t wait to start crocheting with you on Friday! Have a wonderful rest of your week, and happy crocheting.

Love, Dayna

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